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Welcome to the Federation of Working Dogs.  We would like to thank you for your interest in our Organization.

The Federation of Working Dogs (FWD) was formed to 1) Teach responsible dog ownership to owners 2) Properly evaluate the dogs temperament, drives, instincts, disposition and controllability 3) To resurrect and preserve the working abilities of all working breeds.

The purpose of the Federation's test and evaluations are to ensure that our beloved companion, the dog is under control and a valued asset (not a liability) at all times, no matter if at home, in public or around other dogs.   The Federation of Working Dogs welcomes all breeds and mixed breed dogs as well.  The FWD test are noncompetitive and owner/dog  teams are not required to perform with the same accuracy as other teams.  Teams that pass will be distinguished by receiving an Excellent, Good or Fair.  This is to recognise those teams that were outstanding and to recognise those teams that still need some improving.  Owners of dogs that pass will receive an official certificate from The Federation of Working Dogs.

Our Evaluators will make sure that all participants have a positive, educational, and fun experience.  The Evaluators will try and make the atmosphere as relaxed as possible.  Applauds should be given to owner/dog teams for just getting on the field, because so many people don't.  We can praise the owners with clapping and smiles and the owners can praise their dogs with hugs and pats.  

It's very important to the FWD how these test and events are conducted.  This may determine if a dog owner will become involved in dog training and activities in the future. 

Thank you very much for helping us assure that there will always be TRUE WORKING DOGS!

Here we display a picture of this month's K-9:

MFB's Kimbo Slice
Sch BH, PSA-PDC, PT1 & Hardest Hitting Winner
The oldest Security and Alarm system in the World!
Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for up and coming events!

You can e-mail us at:

The Federation of Working Dogs * P.0. BOX 421  * Tar Heel, NC 28392 * USA *