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Welcome to The Federation of Working Dogs PSA club web page!

We are an All Breed Working Dog Club.  We flirt with different Protection Sports, with an emphasis of PSA.  However, we also train for Schutzhund, NWDA, K9PS, Personal Protection & Patrol K9's.

Our goal is to learn and share information while having fun and being safe. Federation of Working Dogs Club members have dedicated a great deal of time to one of the most enjoyable, challenging and most of all personally rewarding sports man and dog can participate in together as a team.  We welcome anyone who would like to learn more about the sport to come and watch us train with our friends.

Dream Team's Trotter CGC, Sch BH, DD, WDE, CAL3
Top PSA (mock) Cane Corso SACCI Raduno 2011 "Car Jacking"




This page is still under construction!

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