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The Federation of Working Dogs current Membership Benefits!

You Don't have to be a member to compete in FWD events!

As a Proud Member of The Federation of Working Dogs, here are some of the many benefits you will enjoy!

* "New" A link to your existing website

* Discounts On Trial Fees

* Discounts On Workshops & Seminars

* Free Advertising Of Working Litters

* Free Advertising Of Working Studs

* Eligible For FWD's Working Dog & Bitch Of The Year Award.

* Eligible For Voting

A great place for Trainers, Breeders and Dog owners to Network and do information sharing through our quarterly eNewsletter!

Membership is just $35 per year for a single person, $25 each year after that, $75 for a lifetime membership, $75 per year for a club membership.

Club Membership Benefits.

* Free Posting Of Any Dog Events By Club

* Free Posting Of Club Info On Site Under FWD Clubs

* Able To Host Official FWD Events

* Eligible for FWD's Club Of The Year Award

...and much, much more as we continue to grow!

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

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Zip code:
Breed(s) you are currently working?
Titles/Certifications you have achieved?
Are you in Dogs as: Hobby/Professionally/Both?
Are you interested in doing Trial Decoy Work?
Events you have Decoyed?
Are you interested in Trial Judging?
Are you a training director with a Kennel/Training Club?
Does your Kennel/Club wish to become an associated club in order to host FWD events?

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