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The Rules for FWD Hardest Hitting contest.

Decoy may wear either a suit or a sleeve.  Each dog will be given a warm up bite from a short distance on leash.  The competition bite will be done off leash (can have a traffic lead on) at least 40 paces.  Each dog will start from the same spot, that will be marked.  The Decoy will hide behind a blind, car, van, etc.  The dog shouldn't see the decoy hiding.  On the judge's signal the decoy will walk out of the hiding spot, shouting, screaming, shaking a jug of rocks, popping a whip, etc.  After taking a few steps he will start running towards the dog.  Once the decoy starts to run the handler will release the dog.  The decoy will continue charging with a raised stick until impact.  The decoy may shout, scream or use any traditional method of pressure on the dog.  After impact the decoy will drive the dog very briefly, then lockup.  If the decoy has a stick the dog will get one stick hit, if a starter pistol is used one shot before impact.  

Dogs will be judged on impact and how hard they bite. The dog must hold on to the bite!

The handler may attempt to out their dog after the decoy locks up.  A successful out can and will be use to decide a tie breaker.  A successful out is defined as the dog not fully reengaging and not leaving the field before being picked up (the dog must be in control until picked up) or recalled.   Only one command is allowed and must come from the handler.  The handler must be at the starting spot.  The dog has three (3) seconds to out.  After the dog outs the handler may run to pick up dog.

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