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Many people would like to know about the FWD and their Mission and Vision. Here we will tell you a little about The Federation of Working Dogs.

Our Organization Philosophy

The objective of the FWD is to provide high quality evaluations and reliable service for our members. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our evaluations as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

Our Mission Statement

"Complete Satisfaction".  To provide education, structure, and the technical support that our members need in order to have a successful bond with their trusted companions.  All information will be relevant, timely and accurate.  We will surpass the expectations of our members at every point of influence where we interact.  Everything will be promoted through excitement and enthusiasm. 

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is to become the "Driving Force" behind all working breeds and their dedicated owners.  To strengthen, advance and mold the minds of our members on proper K9 care and training.  We will leverage our global resources to organize and intelligently direct each member's knowledge.  This organized effort will be produced through the coordination of effort or our experienced team, in a spirit of harmony.  This organized effort, will be sufficient to enable all individuals to transmute their warmest Dreams of a hard working dog into reality.

Train Well & Bite Hard!


The Federation of Working Dogs * P.0. BOX 421  * Tar Heel, NC 28392 * USA *